Spa Pool Disposal Auckland – Removing A Spa Pool For Rubbish Removal

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Need An Old Spa Pool Removed And Disposed Of ?

At King City Removals we have helped Aucklanders with spa pool moving services for many years but if you have an old spa pool you want removed for junk / rubbish then read on.

Removing a hot tub or spa pool from your backyard can seem a bit daunting. It’s filled with a few hundred gallons of water, and can sometimes be embedded in the deck itself. Different circumstances will require you to make different decisions. You might want to move it while it’s still intact. Other times, you don’t care about destroying the spa or hot tub because you’re getting rid of it for good.

So, whether you have an unused spa pool or are considering purchasing a home with one that you don’t like, how simple is it to remove? Well if you don’t have access to all the tools or the knowledge of how to pull it part you will end up making a big mess and get into the dog box with the wife. Luckily we have a service that can dispose of your old spa pool.

Spa Removal Preparation

If your spa pool is hard wired in you will need an electrician to disconnect the power, there is no safe way around this , we DO NOT recommend you attempt to do this yourself  . next drain the water, and allow to dry fully. Then contact us to book in a visit to cut up the spa pool a, load onto the truck and take to your local refuse station for safe disposal.

Tools We Use To Dismantle Your Spa Pool

Tools Required:

  • Work gloves and safety glasses are required.
  • Wearing protective gear
    Jigsaw and other power tools 
  • Saw that reciprocates

Free Spa Rubbish Removal Quote

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