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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano ?

Moving a piano can often times become an expensive undertaking . Our piano moving company can set you right though with the best quote and affordable piano movers who are flexible on dates and times . Provide us with the details of your job which includes all the obstacles   and things that can make the job difficult and we will provide you with an accurate quote to get that piano moved and relocated for you as soon as possible.

Average Cost To Move A Piano Across Auckland

There is quite a range of pricing involved in piano transportation, but in general this will be somewhere between $280 and $500 for most average size piano moves. Most of the pianos we come across are upright pianos and these a far easier to move the grand pianos or Moving A Baby Grand Piano since there is no disassembly work involved. So expect your move to be somewhere between $280 and $500 if it’s moved across the greater Auckland area and does not require disassembly and re – assembly work. So when asking about the price to move a piano please consider we have a lot of considerations like stairs, obstacles , door ways , and more because pianos can weight 300 or 400 kgs and are not easy to maneuver. This is why we dont recommend you move a piano yourself 

After comparing the cost of handling piano moving trust our experienced movers to come into the inexpensive range of pricing. Put simply we Save time and money moving your piano in Auckland, contacts us today for a quote or too book.

  • We are an expert shifting and piano moving team and can help you  relocate your piano.
  • Have the right trolleys, dolly’s ,blankets and straps to minimise any risk of damages,
  • Moving Grand Piano’s upright and any other type of piano anywhere across the Auckland area
  • Our team of Auckland movers has got a reputation from 30 years experience shifting pianos.
  • Give us a call if you have any special needs., we can accommodate many requests.
  • Best piano movers Auckland  has in the industry and with the best reputation in the industry

King City Movers is Covered by Insurance

Our Insurance does not cover your office or commercial Move ,only as far as the  the Carriage of Goods Amendment Act guarantee, which covers you from all sides. Hence peace of mind is 100% guaranteed. However for second hand items we recommend you insure these via your own insurance during transit , learn about movers insurance here for more