Office Relocation Checklist – Steps To Planning An Office Move

Advise Staff Of The Upcoming Move

Let your staff know as early as possible that you are planning to move premises by making an announcement your business is moving . This will prevent any negative discussions going around the office if everybody knows and is on the same page. Holding a staff meeting and providing an outline for the upcoming move is a very important step to making sure everybody is fully aware of your intentions.

Set Up A Team To Assist With The Planning

Set up a small committee of team members who can assist with coordinating all of the steps involved in a commercial move. Make them all accountable to each other so that they communicate any issues surrounding the move. You may need three or four members of your team and assign them each different roles so there is no overlap

Book A Professional Office Mover

Consult with the professionals at King city removals and get a free quote in sight inspection visit from one of our team. Our removal team will provide you with a step-by-step checklist as we have managed many projects in the past. The sooner you contact your removal us and book them inThe better as this will give you time to go through every detail of the move with the project coordinator .

Let Clients Know Of The Upcoming Move

Let clients and customers know well in advance and provide them with the dates and the new address as well as any updated phone numbers and emails. You want is minimal disruption to your business as possible so advise your clients with at least a month before you move and send out change of address details in the post as a hardcopy. Have your coordination team follow up with your clients with one week to go so you can have a detailed list of who has confirmed they know the new companies address information

What Customers Say

Fast and efficient and took care of moving our office furniture, desks chairs etc. The hardest part in central city Auckland is parking but these guys made that easy so that moving large furniture items was easier.
Priscilla Daniels
I had a small Auckland based office removal job from city to mission bay, the boys at pickup and delivery worked efficiently. I highly recommend this company to anybody no matter the size or distance.
Clifford May

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