How To Move A Spa Pool - Cost And Consideration

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Spa Pool Transport In NZ

When you consider how much it costs to move a spa pool there are a number of factors at play like the access into both properties Are there any stairs or obstacles that might make the move difficult requiring more men and therefore cost. Our South Auckland Movers are experienced spa pool movers , let us help you !

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Spa

Generally our spa pool movers service charges range from $300 to $600 on average depending on the difficulty factor . Fill in the form above for your free quote now.

Our Spa pool relocation services can be costly, so it is important to employ the best team of movers available. The team at King city removals can assist you with spa pool moving and delivery service is right across the Auckland area

Being professional spa pool movers in Auckland we can assure you your delivery will go to plan, on time and without breakage or loss. Our team a highly qualified professionals and we understand the value of your spa pool and will take the best care of it.

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Can I Move The Spa Pool Myself ?

Moving a spa pool is not something we would not recommend as large spa pools can be very heavy and they do require a degree of experience to understand how to maneuver them into difficult places. It’s not surprising that we have seen many people come unstuck in the past attempting to move their own spa pool, then retreat to call us to fix the problem. Considering your spa pool is a very expensive investment for a few hundred dollars it’s definitely worth getting the professionals in to solve this problem for you.

Spa Pool Delivery Service

Our packing and moving services for your spa pool Are very affordable when compared with the competition, we take great care with every spa delivery , simply call us for a free quote and consultation before booking our services.

Can You Transport A Spa Pool On Its Side

Generally speaking and where possible this would be our approved method of transportation in and around your house area. Once the spa pool arrived at your destinations it is removed from the truck it was generally get laid on its side on a trolley so that it can be pushed around narrow pathways etc. Unless you require Spa Pool Disposal very special attention must be taken to ensure no damage to the spa pool.

Spa Moving Experts You Can Trust

Looking for a transport company to move your spa pool usually begins with a Google search, something like “spa pool movers near me” . Our top team of South Auckland movers are always available within 1 to 3 short days of notice to help you with that spa delivery. We do recommend you allow plenty of lead time and also provide us with photos or images of the access and any obstacles at both properties, this will ensure you get the best quote.

What Other Moving Services Do We Provide ?

Not only can we assist with your spa pools we offer a full range of moving services from piano moving to Trademe Delivery to Furniture Pick Up And Delivery to that Single Item you need quickly shifted across town . We are trusted movers who can offer you a free quote

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We offer a range of moving services from household lots to commercial office moving to warehouses .We also offer specialty services like spa pool moving and pianos

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