How To Move A Baby Grand Piano: A Practical Guide For Moving a Piano

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How To Move a Baby Grand Piano Without Damage

Moving a baby grand piano is never and easy task , At King City Removals we have moved dozens of pianos across the Auckland area for many years , in this article we aim to provide a practical step by step process for moving your baby grand piano. Whether you want to Move A Piano Across The Room or to a new house across the city there are certain things to take into consideration for each move.

Prepare For The Move

To move your piano, please prepare it in advance with the assistance of a removalist like us here at  King City Removals , we are Piano Movers with years of experience . Use these tips to safely move your piano without damaging it

Cloth Cushion and Mattresses For Protection

To start with place a cloth cushion and a mattress in front of the keyboard. Using a soft-bond mat, secure your piano’s legs and keep the piano perfectly level with the ground.

Disassembling The Piano

Carefully remove the screws on the leg of the piano. Remove the bottom 2.6ft from the piano Measure around the perimeter to make sure there is enough space to move the piano.

  • Extend the base frame
  • Push the base frame across the piano
  • Take the legs of the piano and attach to the frame by 2 bolts each
  • Screw the leg back to the frame Put the piano back together
  • Remove the wheels Moving the piano 

Pack Up Your Piano

Take off any dust and fluff on the top of the keyboard. Brush the keys off  in order to make sure there’s not too much dust on the keys it’s best to spray a bit of water on them and gently brush it off.

Move Your Piano

Preparation tips: Don’t pick up the piano with your bare hands! , safety first , gloves and other protective equipment will save anyone from injury or worse.

To help with the delivery of a piano you should always follow these steps:

1. Measure the piano and purchase a dolly so you can take your piano up the stairs or around tight corners .

2. Decide where you will take the piano when you move it, normally the piano will sit in your garage for several months before you can move it, you want to make sure you have somewhere safe to put the piano.

3. Find a suitable place to store the piano and make sure you have the correct insurance.

4. Prepare your piano before moving. Take off any rugs, take all of your piano parts to your house

Moving The Piano Safely

I have had a few phone calls the last week from owners of pianos who are wanting to know how to move their piano safely. Of course the first thing is to get a moving company like us , the cost of moving an expensive piano like a baby grand is not that much compared to the cost of replacing it in the event something went horribly wrong ,  dont risk life or limb doing it yourself, your mates wont thank you at all, but if you have the option of using a professional I would say go for it.

Moving a baby grand piano isn’t for the faint hearted.  It’s always better to hire a professional because they are familiar with the removal of piano and the equipment. You need to be sure that you are not going to damage the piano during the removal. This is a very expensive piece of equipment and it needs to be taken with care. 

Reassembling The Piano In Your New Home

If you have a stand and find you don’t like it in your new home you can sell it or give it away. Reassembly should be performed by a qualified piano technician using an accurate measurement of the piano, you can also check our piano reassembly pages for more information. If you don’t have an accurate measurement you can try to guess a piano’s measurements, it might be a good idea to take some measurements before the move.


I hope you have found these blog posts on moving your baby grand piano helpful , I always feel that it’s good to keep moving knowledge alive , and to help others . I have also had a lot of help with all the blogs and pages I have written, from everyone who helps me with the blog posts and page designs . All the comments I receive are valuable to me and I get them all onto my blog . Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoy it, and please do leave me a comment , do you have any useful advice to add , any new sites you would like me to look at , or suggestions on new blogs to start.

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