How To Announce Your Business Is Moving

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choose us when you relocate your businessAnnounce Your Business Is Moving

When it comes time to relocate your business adopting a central strategy around this process is really important. Accommodating employees and customers both alike requires strategy and planning, so selecting a reputable office moving company is very important.

Announce The Move To Employees

Announcing to your staff members that your business is relocating comes with its challenges. Calling a staff meeting to make a significant announcement as a very important step toward getting your team members on board with the relocation. Appointing lead roles for some of your staff is also very important, if you already understand who are your leaders these are the people that will ultimately help control the moving process from start to finish.

Announce The Move To Your Existing Customers

Announcing your business is relocating to your Justin clientele and customer base is a very important process. You should email your database as soon as possible to advise them of the upcoming changes. Make sure to follow up with them numerous times in the weeks Leading up to the move since people are either busy or forgetful it’s important to make sure they all understand we are new premises are located

Office Move Announcement Sample

Here is a sample of what to consider in your announcement for you to use as a starting point.

Introduction : Start your statement with a brief introduction to give context around the news that is to follow .
For example “ due to considerable company growth and an expanding team we require a bigger premises. And we have made the decision we will be moving office on the first of the month after”
We have found the perfect premises and we are sure you are all going to love it as much as we do.
Main Body :
Explain a bit about the new premises where it’s located it’s easy access to public transport and any other redeemable features that your team will find important, for example carpark allocations ,location of lunch bars and shopping facilities.
Next explain a little bit about the process leading up towards moving day and announce who will be the team leaders charged with the individual departments, make it so that your team members have somebody else they can look up to find information and advice other than yourself.
Schedule a meeting: It’s important to schedule a meeting so everybody can get together in voice any concerns or raise any questions they may have.

Hiring The Best Office And Commercial Movers

If you are located in the greater Auckland area here is where we can help. Hiring a team of experienced and professional movers for such a big task as relocating a complete business or office is very important. Our team have moved many companies and have a trustworthy track record of providing on-time service in a professional manner. We can provide services for moving anything from single item furniture , to moving a piano and spa pools as well as moving appliances , our team will see you right for any move.
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Starting Business At The New Location

t’s important to establish some infrastructure at the new location as soon as you are able to. Planning where everything will go and how it will interconnect at the new location is a task you can put forward to your team leaders to arrange.

Update Website And All Social And Digital Media

If you operate a medium to large company it is recommended to put out a press release advising of the upcoming relocation. Make sure to update all social media platforms and put up posts on each one advising that there is an upcoming change of business address. Be sure to follow this up several times in the month leading up towards moving day