How To Move a Piano By Yourself

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Is Moving A Piano Yourself A Good Idea ?

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Moving a piano by yourself is not an easy task. Unlike moving house It will take some serious manpower to move that piano even from one side of your room to the other and is highly skilled work. Considering that a piano can wait anywhere from 200 to 600 kg and sometimes more I highly recommend getting a team of professional piano movers Auckland company and to complete the task. Professional piano movers will have all of the correct tools needed in all of the insurance is required in case of emergency.

A DIY approach to moving a piano is really not recommended due to the high risk involved. For example, when moving an upright piano it is going to be off-balance when lifted and should be strapped down to a piano trolley or dolly. Wrapping your piano up and blankets is also a good idea to protect the fine woodgrain finish, be careful covering your piano with blankets make sure there are no small stones or other things that could scratch the vanished surfaces of the piano. As you can see the cost to move a piano is better suited and left to the professionals , and the same applies for piano removals cost.

When lifting the piano safely to its new location you should be very careful that it does not tip over the center of gravity, this is where I would recommend the piano professionals to do the job for you like our team at King City Removals , Get a free quote today and save your self the headaches associated with piano moving in Auckland. As a side note Furniture packers/movers usually earn $16-$26 per hour so if you need a job let us know.

We recently moved a piano from Tauranga To Auckland with a customer had initially considered moving the piano themselves but once they realized the amount of work involved in the logistics luckily they called us and we were able to assist as we had a vehicle going back to Auckland that week

How To Move A Piano Down Stairs

Here are a few things you will need in order to move your piano down steps or stairs .

  • Stair ramp
  • Dolly
  • Moving pads
  • 2 or 3 moving straps
  • Moving truck
  • One or two more people

The easiest way to move your piano downstairs is using a stair ramp. The ramp can be placed on top of the steps and enable you place a trolley under the piano then roll it down the stairs. For extra security have two people at the bottom to prevent it from rolling too fast, Now gently lick the piano roll down the stairs and dont forget to first strap the piano to the dolly with at least 2 straps to secure properly.

How To Move A Piano Across The Room

To move your piano across the room can be a dangerous business so we will do recommend hiring professional piano movers like the team at King city removals. There are some specialist tools and equipment needed to protect your piano as well as move it safely and without damage. However if you are going to move the piano yourself then you will need to first clear the path that the instrument will take and move all furniture, rugs, at work and anything standing in the way that may potential he cause issues. .

Strap the piano down to a small trolley called a piano dolly, also use blankets to protect the piano where you placed the straps. You are going to need the help of at least two other people when maneuvering the piano around the corner doors in the hallway of your home

How To Move A Piano Up Stairs

Image result for How To Move A Piano Down Stairs​The easiest way to move the piano upstairs is by using a moving ramp. Then you can strap your piano on to a moving dolly using blankets to protect to the wood finish exterior, then with the assistance of one or two other people you can push or roll the piano up the stairs. Personally I would recommend having two strong men at the bottom end and one person at the top in the guide the piano as it’s pushed up stairs.

How To Move A Piano In A Pickup Truck

Preferably you would wish to use a professional moving company to do this however if you need to move the piano in a pick up truck, all of it, or any other type of vehicle you have then it’s really quite a simple process.

Simply using a moving ramp and a piano dolly you push the piano up into the back of the pick up truck very similar to how you would push or roll it upstairs. Then strap and secure it onto the pillars of the vehicle before driving to the new location.

How To Move A Grand Piano

Here are the steps to moving a grand piano or to move a baby grand piano so that you do not damage it

  • Remove the lid of the piano and package it up in a plastic bag or moving blanket to protect it
  • Carefully remove the legs and lay the piano gently down on its side using a blanket to protect the wooden body
  • Gently lay the piano on a moving trolley on its side this will require at least three men as a grand piano can weigh many hundreds of kilograms.
  • Wrap the piano body and blankets and pads to protect it, now use straps to secure it tightly to the piano moving trolley .
  • Remove and secure the legs and wrap them up and moving blankets again to protect them from damage
  • Now the piano is ready to be rolled and moved to its new destination

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